JDQ Centers


JDQ centers are physical locations where Jamia Deen ul Qayyim Virtual Classes will be held on regular basis and all other processes like examinations, discussions with teachers will be held in a technology environment.

This arrangement will be provided to facilitate
a. Those students in locations where Internet access facilities are limited
b. Those students who want to attend in group in a classroom environment and/or also have financial issues in registering individually.

JDQ centers will run classes in two forms
1. Direct access from Internet applicable to those locations where Internet connectivity and speed is not a problem
2. DVD Content available from JDQ on weekly basis applicable to those locations where internet connectivity is a problem.


In order to be eligible to run a Virtual Islamic Seminary centre, you have to meet the following conditions:
1. You should be well associated with Jamea Orwathul Uthqa and well versed with the thoughts and contents of Hujjatul Islam Sayed Jawad Naqvi.
2. You need to have at least one senior level reference from JOW recommending you as a responsible person to run the centre.
3. You should have a decent place to run the JDQ Centre which should meeting the below requirements:
a. Table and Chairs for Classroom student
b. Digital Video Projector
c. DVD Player
d. Laptop or Desktop computer
e. Audio System

4. You need to have at least 10 Registered (Paid) students.
5. You need to be yourself a coordinator or at least have one coordinator to take care of running classes, conducting queries sessions and examinations.
6. You need to have a mechanism in place to receive content and send Examinations papers and assignments to Regional Virtual Islamic Seminary HQ.