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In the current era, when the world is dominated by hegemonic powers who in the lust of wealth, power and desire to rule the world, are on one hand turning the world into a graveyard of innocent human beings and on the other hand are making the souls of human being slaves of modernity and deviated Ideologies of the like of Liberalism and secularism. Amidst this global crisis what man needs today for his salvation is a true and pure Ideology. That pure and glorified Ideology which Islam has presented in its divine books, and sent divine personalities such as Prophets, Imams and Saints of Allah for establishing this ideology.
Jamea Orwathul Wuthqa and Jamia Deen-ul-Qayyim(Virtual Seminary) is an Islamic University whose primary aim is to present, teach, preach and establish an Ideological Islam in the society. This university which runs under the complete supervision of Hujjatul Islam Syed Jawad Naqvi,assisted by highly qualified scholars that are certified by Islamic Seminary of Qom hostshundreds of youths of both genders for imparting true knowledge to them and for their upbringing. The success of this institute has created a big demand from brethren across the globe; who are inspired and thirsty for understanding and practising the true and pure Islam. In order to fulfil this need we have started a virtual seminary that would initially provide Ideological self-paced crash courses evolving into full time Seminary course programs eventually.

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